Hạ chớm

Hạ chớm

May – the birth month of my eldest brother who has studied and worked in Australia since 1997. In the first periods of his absence, I cried every time he called, when seeing he off at the airport and sometimes even in my sleep. But at a certain point, I didn’t cry anymore for the distance between us. Has it become a habit? I don’t really know; when I was six, my father went to Germany to work for two years and in every sunset I stood in front of the residential gate to wait for him without any tear. Or his letters to the family in humorous poems (that I still remember until now while the ones in school already evaporated before some of their words could stagnate in my mind) made me feel he was always near me and would come back immediately the day after? Back to my brother: like me, he spent a lot of time in the countryside during school vacations and had many childhood memories there; for me May is the most charming month on farms and fields, when the transition from spring to summer happens, so I wrote for him a beautiful song about sky, sun, landscape, flowers, harvest, sublime emotions of a young girl…

Trời rất xanh
Mây rất trắng
Một đàn cò trắng rất xinh bay trong nắng vàng lung linh

Giọng rất trong
Em khẽ hát
Lời hát vút cao đón chào ngày mới thơm nồng

Một mùa hạ mùa hạ vừa chớm thắp trên những nhành hoa triền sông
Bên kia là cánh đồng nhấp nhô tà áo biếc
Bao nhiêu yêu thương và tha thiết em gửi gió xuôi theo làn mây
Chốn này chỉ có mình em và chốn này
Say trong hương lúa em nào hay

Một thoáng thôi
Em xao xuyến
Tưởng mình giọt sương lửng lơ tan trong áng bình minh thơ

Ngàn giấc mơ
Trong trí nhớ
Hoà tấu ngẫu nhiên khúc đất trời giao thời

Và em giang đôi tay ngoan giữa biển đời
Hứng tinh hoa đất trời bát ngát giữa muôn trùng khơi
Ánh dương rạng ngời
Sắc hương vút vời
Em bay trên hạ giới…


Blue sky, white clouds
A flock of white stork flies in sparkling sunlight
In pure voice, she sings softly
The song raises greeting a new fragrant day

A budding summer lights wild flowers along the riverside
Graceful dresses embellish the rice fields
She sends all her love and affection through the wind to the clouds
Feeling like there is no one else in this place 
Unconsciously hypnotised in the scent of rice

Suddenly she’s moved
Believing to be an ethereal dew melted in the poetic glow of dawn
Thousands of dreams in the memory
Accidentally perform the concert of season alternation in heaven and earth

And she opens her delicate arms in the middle of immense life
Catching the quintessence of infinite universe
The sun shines brightly
The perfume and beauty radiate
She flies above the world…

That is it. Crying deepens the sadness and diminishes the beauty, so I choose to create something soulful when I’m moody. Also this painting is a gift to my brother for his birthday two years ago.